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I have changed publishing platform 🙂

Now changing to WordPress from Sharepoint. This was not an easy decision as a true IT-architect I’d prefer to use the features of Sharepoint to publish my site externally. However it is clear that Sharepoint should be kept inside the firewall.

Even if Sharepoint 2013 is more friendly to external publishing the blog module is not. As most of us rely on SEO to attract users and drive traffic it became clear that Sharepoint would not be able to keep up the work, nor does it have ready-to-install modules that would help you drive a blog.

That said I’d like to welcome WordPress to direktorn.com and hope it will do the job just fine.

Ps. I’m still relying on IIS ARR for the reverse proxy of my website, as I do with all my other websites running on my Linux server 🙂 Ds.


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