Microsoft forces Skype update to all Windows users

Yes we have all seen it before, even EU have noticed the pre-installed browser called “Internet Explorer” that everyone got, of course IE has been an integrated component of a operating system much like Safari is integrated into OSX.

However recently I’ve installed a Fresh Windows 7 image to deploy some VDI tests, and after the final windows update I’ve noticed the following








I didn’t read quickly as I just assumed that it was the update for Lync that adds the “Skype for Business” skin (read more about the confusion here) but after a reboot the famous Skype icon and auto-start of Skype where launched. This might be something you like if you already have Skype, but in my case, as I was building a reference image for an VDI PoC Skype was not along the tools I needed. On the same subject it has also been reported that Skype even in this case will replace your start page to MSN and your search engine to bing. Sneaky little bastards!




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